We’re All About Sports

We make sports products. We fund these capital-intensive products by providing services to sports clients.


Altletics started in 2018, with an initial focus on creating a real money gaming platform for India. We were late to market. Without access to funds and other resources to scale that our competitors had, we failed. Through this process, we were profitable through our services vertical, which provided healthy cash flow.

We then pivoted to B2B gaming, providing our initial product as a service, which gained traction. As clients minimised their non-core expenses during the pandemic, we struggled again. Paul Collins, a director on the Altletics board and the CEO of game development company Stick Sports in the UK, helped us stay afloat by giving us a B2B account.

Positive cash flow started to pick back up towards the end of a difficult 2021. And it has continued till date. We now have a team that builds brands and recurring revenue because of the quality that our team provides to our clients. Altletics has remained profitable since inception, and we intend to stay that way. Altletics doesn’t have investors, and we intend to stay that way too.



A sports-specific social network built for one-to-many communication to enable brands and influencers to engage with followers.

Broken Cricket

A sports social media brand that was started in 2012 with India as the target market. Altletics acquired a minority stake in the brand in 2019.

Equal Field

Curated courses on niche sports topics, such as analytics, content and management by experts in the industry.

Sporty Report

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Altletics that caters to sports news, biographical information of athletes and predictions on sports events from across the world.

M & Altletics is a seed-stage investment fund to invest in small digital sports companies, with a focus on businesses disrupted by Covid-19.

Y10 Capital

Altletics’ investment arm. Invests in equity, debt and crypto markets. This has nothing to do with sports. Just capital management.


How We Can Help You

Sports content

Curated content for clients across the world. Several of our content creators are former journalists.

Gaming licensing

Through our in-house gaming studio and in partnership with Stick Sports, based in the UK, we license our gaming technology that allows clients to gamify apps or monetise their audience using real-money gaming.

Sports digital marketing & technology creation

Sports SEO, link building and creating tech products as a service for clients across the world.