Beat the Score

Beat the Score is our innovative new method to play cricket fantasy.

Instead of playing against other users, you play against a fantasy score we’ve set for you. If you beat the score, you win a predetermined amount. If you don’t beat the score, you lose.

Your score is calculated based on the points your fantasy team has collected based on our fantasy points system here.

Our scores are based on a variety of factors, including quality of players, ground and weather conditions and historical data. We mention some of these reasons in the BTS page for every match for your reference.

Here are the simple steps to play Beat the Score:

1.Create your team for a fantasy match.

2.Hit the Beat the Score button in the upcoming matches section.

3.Choose the level you would like to play. With a higher level, there is a higher score to beat and your payout increases proportionately. Example: If you choose level 1, you have a lower score to beat but your payout is lower. If you choose level 3, like the image below, you can multiply your investment by three times, if you beat the score.

choose level

4.Choose your stake amount. And hit done!

stake amount

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