Innings fantasy

In our bid to provide unique and innovative methods of playing fantasy in India, we’ve introduced fantasy for each innings of a cricket match.

Here’s how it works:

1.Pick your team exactly like you would for normal fantasy. But only for the first or second innings of a match.

2.You can play our Beat the Score feature for innings-based fantasy as well. Your fantasy team needs to beat our scores for each innings.

3.Scores will not be updated in real time, but will be done soon after the completion of an innings.


1.At least five overs of an innings should be completed for settlement to happen.

2.If five overs are not completed, we will refund the entry fees to our users.

3.For Test matches or first-class matches, an innings is defined as the following:

(a) The first innings on Altletics is two innings in a real-world match (the first and second innings).

(b) The second innings on Altletics is the third and fourth innings of a real-world match. For example, if India faces Australia. India bats first, Australia second, India third and Australia fourth, then the first innings on Altletics comprises of India’s and Australia’s first innings each.

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